About Me

I am more commonly known as Anna and I’m Global Academy’s Director for Sales & Marketing. Global Academy is the brainchild of my husband, Benny Ledesma and our long-time friend, Chef Roberto Pengson.

They both saw the need to create a culinary school that could cater to the Filipino masses so they created the first world-class culinary institute in our country with a modest price range.

I started helping out in the business last 2010 after giving birth to our second child. It has been a great experience for me to be able to witness how we are able to change lives of people by giving them the most underrated service – top quality education at an affordable price. 

Every year, we strive to push the boundaries by always evolving to remain the innovators in the industry. This 2017, I am reviving my blog and will be more active in posting to give you guys a steady stream of snippets regarding my working world in Global Academy.

Feel free to comment or get in touch with me via email at abl.globalacademy@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rudolph DuQuesnay says:

    Hi anna i’m interested in the culinary artistry of the students from global academy. I’m working as a senior pastry cook in new york city and willing to network with you and other culinary professional and possibly host visiting members….my name is Rudolph DuQuesnay and my number is (718)930-6601.

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