Internship Diary #28 – Cherry Ann Chiu

Name: Cherry Ann Chiu

Course: GD Batch 16

Branch: Alabang

Internship Venue: Park Avenue Desserts

Cherry Ann loves sweets since she was a kid  because her mom used to bake for the family and that’s where she got her love for desserts. When she had the chance to choose whether to be placed in a hot kitchen or pastry, she didn’t think twice about choosing the pastry kitchen because it is where she would like to be working at, particularly a commissary.

Cherry spent her internship in Park Avenue Desserts because she knew that it’s one of the best commissary in the metro.

Excerpts from her Journal:

Some of her tasks

– Cut plastic used as dividers for pre-sliced cakes and was taught how to insert them.

  • Helped in boarding Mango Madness and Cheesecake for starbucks.
  • Assisted in cutting cornuts
  • Made cream cheese frosting
  • Taught by Chef Buddy to make red velvet cupcakes and small cakes how to check doneness.
  • Helped line ring molds with aluminum foil
  • Iced red velvet cakes

– Assisted Chef Buddy in making the chocolate coated orange peels.

  • Baked small red velvet cakes
  • Finished concorde with meringue logs
  • Garnished blueberry cheesecakes with blueberries
  • Assisted in making 4 trays of chocolate sponge
  • Assisted in making foccaccia bread
  • Assisted in filling ad rounding ensaymadas

“I guess practice really makes perfect. Doing something over and over again is the only way to do it well.”

 “I had a conversation with Chef Buddy once. He told me that we may be doing things over and over again, but the most important thing here is when you leave, you take with you the knowledge of the basics in baking which is the most important of all because once you know the basics by heart, learning the more difficult tasks will be a lot easier for you.”

 “With all these skills and knowledge that I’ve gained through my schooling and internship with Chef Buddy, I really hope and pray that in the near future, I will be able to start my own business similar to Park Avenue Desserts and become successful with it.”


Cherry Chiu 2_newCherry Chiu 3_newCherry Chiu 4_newCherry Chiu 5_newCherry Chiu_new

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