Internship Diary #20 – Anna Vernica Fuellas

Name: Anna Vernica Fuellas

Course: DPCA/Batch 71

Branch: Pasig

Internship Venue: Crowne Plaza/Holiday Inn

“INTERNSHIP – or as I may put, “the last leg of the race” – This is such a worthwhile introductory line from one of the well equipped students of Global Academy as she contemplated her internship days that happened in Crowne Plaza.

Loud and proud to say that Global Academy has inculcated virtue and high standards that made her even more prepared for her internship in Crowne Plaza and for the real world.

Excerpts from her journal:

“I am battle ready. This I am certain as Global Academy equipped me well. “

“Preparation is the key. Yes, mise en place is vital. Can you imagine preparing dishes for a minimum of 200 pax to a maximum of 500 pax daily? Crazy as it may seem, difficult as it is, but I considered it as challenging, more than the two.”

“Flexibility. Not because you’re assigned at one task, doesn’t mean you’ll not venture out into the open. There will be run-arounds through different departments”

“Teamwork – No man is an island, indeed. Now, I have tested and approved it even more. The kitchen is one big basketball court, we need to win to satisfy the crowd (a.k.a customers). We shoot, we score!”

“Time is gold. I struggled with the limit at school during the laboratory days. At the hotel, everything is fast-paced.”

“This, I am proud to say, is my biggest achievement throughout my internship. Slowpoke no more!”

“I came and I conquered. Now, I have really decided what I want to be in the future”

Ana Vernica 2 Ana Vernica 3 Ana Vernica 4 Ana Vernica 5 Ana Vernica

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