Internship Diary #19 – Christine Anne Marie Huebenthal

Name: Christine Anne Marie Huebenthal

Course: GD Batch 13

Branch: Makati

Internship Venue: Facil, Germany

“Schonheit ist eine Sache der Prazision und Prazision is eine Sache de Willens” which roughly translated means “Beauty is a matter of precision and precision is a matter of passion”. That is the slogan of the pastry department of Facil, where our Grand Diploma student, Christine Anne, worked in and it’s something that got stuck in her head since the first day of her internship.

Inspite of her German blood and knowledge of the language she still had butterflies in her stomach on her first day because some German technical terms used in the kitchen got her confused. However, she soon realized that it actually doesn’t matter what language you speak. According to her, you’ll learn to adapt and understand each other in the kitchen. Her first week was under scrutiny as her co-workers assessed her to see her kitchen capabilities. She kept her nose to the grindstone and worked hard to prove herself.

Excerpts from her journal:

“If working in a kitchen is hard, working in a Michelin starred restaurant is harder. Everything you produce is served to guest, so there is no space for mistakes. But mistakes happen and they happen to everybody. So the only thing left is analyzing what went wrong and gaining experience from it and of course not doing it again, like my chef would always say, the only thing you could so is repeating it if there is time and striving to do it better”

“So after 4 months in a 2 star Michelin kitchen, I realized that you yourself must really love being a chef not only due to the fact that it is a hard job (every job is hard), it’s because you have to sacrifice your leisure to work, every free minute you have, is there to either perfect a dish or create a new one on the same high standard. That means you have cranked back your personal life in every aspect.”

“That’s why I wanted to thank everybody in Global for teaching the basics and giving me a head start. Without the good education it would have been much harder and not so much fun like it was!”

Christine had the right attitude in her internship and she’s a wonderful example of what passion and hard work can do for you. She made the most out of the once in a lifetime opportunity that was granted to her. She was humble in learning from others and she put in the long hours of work with the right attitude. That is the character students need to have in the kitchen. doc20150416223002_001_new doc20150416223030_001_new doc20150416223057_001_new doc20150416223122_001_new doc20150416223146_001_new doc20150416223258_001_new doc20150416223344_001_new doc20150416223414_001_new doc20150416223440_001_new doc20150416223505_001_new doc20150416223530_001_new doc20150416223555_001_new doc20150416223622_001_new doc20150416223645_001_new doc20150416223709_001_new doc20150416223734_001_new doc20150416223808_001_new

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