Internship Diary #18 – Rose Camille Cepeda

Name: Rose Camille Cepeda

Course: GD Batch 8

Branch: Makati

Internship Venue: Hungry Hound

Hungry Hound is the latest Gastro Pub concept by Chef Rob Pengson and Erwan Heussaff located in Bonifacio Global City. Rose, who is a Grand Diploma student from Global Academy, had her internship in the said venue.

She started November 11, 2013 and she was immediately informed on her first day that the kitchen is not a place for spoon feeding, and that you had to learn by feel and by being observant. She took that advice to heart when she started. Her first week was a struggle but she gained confidence in her succeeding weeks of internship. It was not a smooth  journey as she encountered bumps and mistakes but with every mistake she made she also gained new knowledge. She learned to always double or triple check her work and to not hesitate to ask for help or assistance.

Excerpts from her Journal:

“Attitude and attendance is a big factor to being a culinarian. I’m glad that I have instilled that value with me. As what Anthony Bourdan said, you can teach a man to cook, but you can’t teach character.”

Some of her tasks in first 5weeks:

Week 1: Prep cold kitchen, check every component of the salads and desserts. Did side dishes and observed plating of food.

-Check endorsement book and prep what’s missing in the cold kitchen. Did the cutting of the vegetables and the sauces. Knife skills is very important. I was taught how to make kimchi

-Plated salads and sides on my own. Chef Kym said I did a good job on my apple salad.

Week 2: the first week of being totally alone in the Garde Manger Station. Chef said to treat it as my own, so I started prepping based on the endorsement. And now I’m trying to do back up before my day end.

-Prep for my Asian Salad, Caesar, Kimchi and Apple. I did coleslaw back up and the burger sides: tomato, onion rings, and cornichors.

Week 3: I did my Garde Manger prep and sauces back up. I have Pomery, Coleslaw and Blue Cheese. We have additional instrutction, to write the recipe and yield of each recipe.

-Did R&D for cheesecake. I started plating and passing entrée.

-Week 4: I was able to help the lunch service, while prepping and backing up for Garde Manger dinner service.

Stocking, replenishing and serving all at the same time.

-Week 5: Washed greens, inventory, general cleaning of freezer, finalize ordering for Garma and back up sauces.

Prepped and replenish Garde Manger, learned about our new dishes for lunch special, new sauces ad dressings and baked desserts.

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