Internship Diary #17 – Kris Cyril Alcantara

Name: Kris Cyril Alcantara

Course: GD Batch 14

Branch: Alabang

Internship Venue: Hotel Miramar, Barcelona Spain

Kris Alcantara had her internship in Barcelona Spain. Her first days were tough and she already expected to go through a serious battle with communication because no one spoke in English. Despite the language barrier, she tried her best to cope and focused on her work output. New discoveries and learnings were garnered during her internship, and that’s what was important to Kris.

Excerpts from her Journal:

“There’s this girl that doesn’t like strangers but one time she talked to me and I tried to speak in their language and she smiled at me and said muy bien (very good) from that I earned her/their respect/trust. I was able do my work easily.”

“As I stayed longer in the kitchen, I’m getting more responsibilities. I have to make sure that all our stocks are fresh. I have to check the dates, smell and taste them”

“My favorite part was when my executive chef gave me the list of banquette (the menu for the kids) we needed to serve at 21:45 and the clock indicated that it was quarter to 8. I had to do the lists in one hour and my chef said that “If the food don’t serve at the right time and the kids get hungry, the blame is on you.” I got nervous but in my mind, I got his trust already. I did my best to do the lists. And yes I finished it.”

“They teach me how to be professional. Shouting bad words in the kitchen, yelling at you but after service we are all laughing and they’re tapping my shoulder, meaning you did a great job/you can do it.”

The experience of Kris clearly shows us that if you really want to do good in something, you will find a way to succeed even if the path you take is filled with a lot of bumps and detours. These hardships are what make your success so much sweeter in the end.

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