Success Story – Korinne Lirio

Korinne Lirio Is a graduate of Diploma in Professional Baking and Pastry Arts 2012. Kor as she is called in school is a career shifter–from the limelight to the corporate world to the kitchen where her heart truly belongs.

She has always had a penchant for baking, she would regularly do it at home and have her colleagues try them and their positive feedback on how good her products tasted made Korinne decide to move forward with her baking dream.

Her baking journey wasn’t smooth sailing. Like all career shifters, she had her share of difficulties and challenges given her little to zero background in a professional kitchen. She didn’t know how to operate an industrial oven or let alone fire up a stove. Her class was a mix of students with no experience such as herself and a whole platoon of the Grand Diploma boys who already knew their way in the kitchen very well. Despite all of these circumstances, she persevered and with the help of her classmate and chef instructor, Korinne was able to successfully adapt in the environment of being in a professional kitchen. As she gained more confidence in her abilities, she participated in a school competition and she would always volunteer to become a student assistant to chef instructors.

She had her internship at Park Avenue Desserts under the guidance of Chef Buddy Trinidad. This was a very important learning experience for her because she learned to produce pastries and desserts with utmost care in order to maintain quality at the same time utilizing practices and techniques to expedite the tasks given to her.

Global academy has instilled great values of Passion, Reliability, Integrity, Commitment and Excellence within her to this very day. She used these principles when she decided to open Orange Whisk with her Fiance, which she considers her greatest achievement.

Orange Whisk serves a mix of filipino and international dishes. The food is prepared by her fiancé while the pastries and desserts are made by Korinne. Their concept is to serve simple gourmet food at very reasonable prices for the community to enjoy.

Their first branch could only fit a few people and it was a bit hard to find and yet people found them and talked about their food so much that they were soon labeled as “the hidden gem”. This year they decided to expand and they branched out to a bigger space in BF Homes in Paranaque.

Korinne shares her recipe for success as having: “Lots of determination, patience, optimism, hardwork and the never ending urge to be the best that you can be. It is also very important to be humble and to keep one’s feet on the ground. If success comes to you be thankful otherwise you might work harder to get it. The rewards of your hard work will come soon enough.”

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