Success Story – Aysegul Ozden Trifyllis

Aysegul Ozden Trifyllis is a housewife and mother who likes to bake. Ayse, as she is commonly known in school, is a graduate of the Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary and Baking and Pastry Arts and this is the story of her journey.

She initially enrolled in the school’s baking program so she could bake cakes for her children and at the same time make a small business out of this. Baking was a mere hobby and she realized that professional kitchen training was very different from her usual home cooking. She wanted to learn more so she enrolled in the Culinary program of the school afterwards.

Ayse’s training in Global Academy has taught her 3 important things:

  1. Proper fundamental techniques in baking and cooking
  2. How to manage and handle a kitchen
  3. Food Safety

She says that these have equipped her with the knowledge on how to manage and grow her business. Ble’ is a greek family restaurant that she currently runs with her husband in BF Homes Paranaque. The restaurant serves recipes that have been passed on to them by their family members and they were quite surprised at how many people flocked to their place that they had to move from their initial location to expand the size of Ble’ to be able to serve more people.

Today, Ayse considers the progress of Ble’ and her baking adventure her greatest achievements. Her restaurant has been featured in different social media channels and has garnered so many positive testimonials from their satisfied customers. Her baking adventure has opened a lot of doors as well; she will be launching a dessert line for adults and she plans to share her knowledge in cake decorating someday soon.

Ayse’s message to students and to those who are just starting to explore the culinary industry is to “obsessively follow food safety guidelines, be punctual and be honest”. She says this is her recipe for success. What’s yours?

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