Can You Take The Heat? Global Academy’s new AVP

For this year’s campaign we wanted to communicate the hardships of being in a kitchen and the rigorous training our students undergo when they enroll in our school. Most people just see the glory that comes with the title of being called a Chef but not a lot are exposed to all the adversities that come with their job and their training. Our school strongly believes in upholding high standards of quality education and training. Our graduates can attest to this.

This AVP is something we worked on to showcase raw footages of actual action shots during service time to be able to give people a real sense of what goes in the kitchen and how our training can be very gruelling. We are proud of our graduates because all of them had to go through a “trial by fire” in order to mold them to be ready to work in a professional kitchen. For those that can take the heat, they are left with an immense sense of fulfillment and pride in being able to thrive in a tough environment.

This is why we ask all the hopefuls out there, Can You Take The Heat?

Global Logo on Knife

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