Success Story – Joshua Locnen

Joshua Locnen is a graduate of Global Academy’s Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts.  He grew up exposed to different cuisines which developed his early love and interest in cooking. His education in Global Academy has taught him discipline, which is essential to being a successful Chef. He is currently working as a Pastry Chef in Edsa Shangri-La wherein he is tasked to prepare breads for the buffet and also for the other outlets in the hotel. He considered it an honor to be part of one of the most prestigious hotel brands in the world.  His advice to students is to always have the passion for your craft.  If you lack the heart for it, you will not make it in the kitchen.  Long hours, working holidays, tremendous work load and pressure are just part of the everyday life of a chef.  All of us must have the dedication in our field.  To quote Chef Richard Tan from his speech during our graduation “Be a cast-iron pan, takes long to heat up but it lasts forever, not an aluminum pan that heats up quickly but easily replaced.”

locnen 1_new locnen 2_new Locnen 3_new Locnen 4_new Locnen 5_new

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