Success Story – Miriam Catherine Guidote

Miriam Catherine Guidote is a graduate of Global Academy’s Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary and Baking and Pastry Arts. Coming from a family of 13 children with no household helper,  she grew accustomed to helping cook and serve large batches of food. And so, as a child, she used to imagine that she was serving guests in her own restaurant while helping out with the house chores. Eventually, she started writing her own recipes. She now co-managing two (2) Mediterranean restaurants in Makati – Argos and Pasha.  Her greatest achievement so far was putting up these restaurants and having “regulars” visiting their restaurants. She was at first hesitant to take up baking but her first level instructor helped her overcome her fear of trying her hand at something she thought she could never do, and her second/third level instructor helped her gain the confidence that she could actually be good at something she was initially so scared of trying.  Global Academy did not only give her the skills but encouraged her to do more.  It was not just a school to her but truly like a second home.Guidote 1_new Guidote 2_new Guidote 3_new Guidote 4_new Guidote 8_new

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