Success Story – Janica Paola Vilches

Janica Paola Vilches is a graduate of Global Academy’s Diploma in Professional  Baking and Pastry Arts.  Food has been part of her childhood as both sides of her family love cooking and eating.  Many of the recipes they fondly cooked have been passed from generation to generation.  She started cooking at age 10, made her first adobo at 12, and brownies when she was 13.  She has been aspiring to be a chef ever since but due to financial constraints, she had to put it aside and work to save money.  She came across Global Academy by accident, then felt that it was a sign to start her culinary journey so that she could pursue her dreams and be a chef one day.

Global Academy has given her the quality education and the right discipline inside and outside the kitchen. It was a frustrating start but her instructors were helpful and patient that they didn’t give up on her. The school tested her commitment to her dream and in the end brought out the best in her though it was tough at first. She is now a commissary baker at PAUL Boulangerie et Patisserie.  Her typical workday starts very early in the morning to make freshly-baked breads in time for the breakfast crowd. Like any other work, there is always a certain amount of stress and pressure. However, her love of baking breads, making pastries then seeing and smelling the finished products makes it all worthwhile for her.  She also feels very blessed to be a part of a talented and wonderful team and going to the workplace every day is a fun and learning experience.

 Vilches 1_new Vilches 2_new Vilches 3_new

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