Global Academy helps Del Monte Kitchenomics celebrate its 30th Anniversary!

Last October 12 Del Monte Kitchenomics celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a nationwide event! The goal of the event was to be able to cook 365 recipes in only 6 hours! The event happened simultaneously in Manila, Cebu and Davao and they divided the recipes to 165 in Manila, 100 in Cebu and 100 as well in Davao.

They approached our school if we could help them with this and we accepted the challenge so we sent 19 student volunteers from the different branches of Global Academy and our school got assigned to 6 out of the 8 stations that day. Our students were teamed up with mommies around Market Market who were willing to cook under the guidance of our students in their respective stations.

The event started at 12 noon and ended at around 6pm. Celebrity Chef Jackie Ang-Po and actress Carla Abellana were also present to share some Kitchenomics stories. As expected, thousands of attendees visited the activity center and enjoyed Del Monte‘s free food tasting, games, raffle draws and even singing contest. Chef Erika De Leon of Global Academy demonstrated how to make a Del Monte Red Bulalo to the audience that day.
It was an indeed successful event achieving 365 recipes with live update from 2 other locations such as Cebu and Davao.
To all our students that helped out that day, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! Congratulations on a job well done!

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