Internship Diary #16 – Charry Picache


Name: Charry A. Picache

Course: Grand Diploma/ Batch 26

Branch: Timog

Internship Venue: Bayleaf Hotel

“My heartfelt gratitude goes out to each and every soul I met,..”—A line from a profoundly grateful student of Global Academy after completing the internship program.

Picache, after eight long years of working and being exposed to some of the luxurious events in Burj Al Arab, decided to go back in Manila to pursue a culinary diploma in Global Academy. She had her ten weeks of internship in Bayleaf Hotel and wished to have extended her stay.

Excerpts from her journal:

“Best practices are shared and enforced by our chefs and activities are organized in order for us to have “real world” job experiences. Everything is very hands-on. I really enjoyed every minute of it all, so much that I still practice at home with my family being my test subjects.”

“I can’t get enough of it, to the point that I have asked to have my internship extended so I could soak in more knowledge and expertise. Each and every one is always at ready to impart to a listening ear.”

“My time here has been a time full of long hour shifts, missed meals and sleepless nights. But those hours are spent with not just great colleagues but great people who have imparted so much to us and have shown us a glimpse of hopefully, what we will all become in the future. “

Charry Picache Photo 1 Charry Picache Photo 2 Charry Picache Photo 3 Charry Picache Photo 4 Charry Picache Photo 5

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