Back to Back Champions in The Philippine Culinary Cup!

photo-4 photo-3Our school has managed to do what no one else has done so far. We were able to win the Overall Championship in The Philippine Culinary Cup for 2 years in a row! This is a HUGE WIN for GLOBAL ACADEMY because we won against local and International Schools (In Korea, Malaysia and Thailand) and also Hotels and Restaurants.

This victory did not come easy for us. Even before the competition our participants were all battling thru sickness, a full workload schedule, fatigue and nerves. Then we encountered numerous challenges such as technical and equipment malfunction that tested even our most well trained Chefs in the first 2 days.

This competition means a lot to our whole school because this is one avenue that we can really test the effectiveness of our training and of our Chefs. Benny has said this before that there is still no iron clad measurement to say how good a school is but winning culinary competitions that are WACS(World Association of Chefs Societies) certified is one effective gauge because of the high standard of qualifications from this governing body.

 A lot of people question what makes Global Academy so special and the simple answer is Our Team. We have become a family that is united with the same cause of providing a better education and training while at the same time keeping ourselves updated with the changing demands of the industry.

From the bottom of heart we’d like to thank all the Chefs/Coaches and students that competed. Your hard work and commitment will never be forgotten.

We’d like to give a special thank you to the following people:

We’d like to give a big thank you to Chef Mike Yap for organising all the teams and being the leader of the whole Global brigade. Big Thanks also to Chef Brando for not only competing but also getting the commitment/assistance from sponsors to help Global achieve our goal to win the Over-all Champion Award once again.

The whole Pastry Team(Chefs: Moy, Angela, Kat, Cho, Anjo, Rushel and Summer) for collaborating and helping each other out, it truly amazes us how you all worked together and how far you’ve all come. You earned medals in very difficult categories.

Chefs Vic, Rich, Niño, Gerd, Jun, AC, Garie, Miah and Erika for being our ‘Global Iron Chefs’ and joining/coaching more than one category. A truly inspirational performance!

Chefs J, Greg, Gigi and Ching for coming back to Global and helping us out with this competition.

Chefs Terence and Joi for putting in the time despite their busy schedule just to compete for us.

To our students who competed, thank you for having the guts to represent your school and for putting in all the work. This was no easy feat and we hope that you learned a lot from this experience and that this would only push you to be better in what you do.

To our student assistants and staff for devoting your time and effort in helping our students, chefs and our school achieve our dreams. Your help made all of this possible.

Lastly, we’d like to thank our sponsors: Lowtemp Corporation, Excellent Noodles, DLA Naturals, Birkenstock, Mind Mover Publishing House, Gourdo’s, KLG International, Rubbermaid, Vollrath, Max Ideas Marketing Corp, Rosseto, Tablecraft, Baralee, ESV, Emborg, Werdenberg International Corp, Global Pacific Distribution Network, Master Martini, Flechard, Prochiz, Uni Chef, Top Chef Enterprise and PCSO. We wouldn’t be where we are without your belief and support in us.

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