Cafe Operations – A Slice of Summer

Here are action shots and decor photos of the Cafe Operations a couple of weeks back. They called their event A Slice of Summer. I brought Phoenix with me to work and he enjoyed playing with the plastic windmills and plants that our students used. I liked how the set up brought a feeling of comfort probably because of their use of colors.

I always order everything on the menu even if I’m only supposed to choose one and I tell people its because I have to take photos of everything. Although it is true, I love the fact that I am able to taste and eat all the food because eating good food is one of my passions. I admittedly couldn’t finish all the dishes so I shared them because they were very filling indeed. Phoenix devoured the desserts so at least he helped me there (although we were fighting over the chocolate cake which was just soooo good!).

Food Photos to follow. Congratulations Chef Miah and Chef Moy! We loved the food and thank you to all the students who served and cooked for us that day!DSC_9387_new DSC_9451_new IMG_6806_new IMG_6808_new IMG_6809_new IMG_6813_new IMG_6814_new IMG_6815_new IMG_6816_new IMG_6817_new IMG_6818_new IMG_6819_new IMG_6820_new IMG_6821_new IMG_6823_new IMG_6824_new IMG_6825_new IMG_6829_new IMG_6832_new IMG_6833_new IMG_6834_new IMG_6835_new IMG_6836_new IMG_6838_new IMG_6841_new IMG_6847_new IMG_6848_new IMG_6850_new IMG_6860_new IMG_6861_new IMG_6862_new IMG_6863_new IMG_6864_new IMG_6865_new IMG_6866_new IMG_6867_new IMG_6870_new IMG_6871_new IMG_6872_new IMG_6873_new IMG_6876_new IMG_6877_new IMG_6878_new IMG_6879_new DSC_9507_new DSC_9513_new DSC_9459_new DSC_9425_new

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