Restaurant Simulation – Merci

Here are action shots and photos of the decor in Chef Garie and Chef Erika’s restaurant simulation two weeks ago. The food was excellent and the students did a really great job preparing, cooking and plating up all the dishes. I also loved how the students posted action photos of them working in the kitchen because it shows their experiences in it as well as their group photos so that the guests can be acquainted as to who the students were.

I really hoped that the students enjoyed preparing, cooking and baking the food they served us as much as we did eating it. Special mention to Chef Erika for making changes in her dessert from her previous simulation and the outcome was really just FANTASTIC! Chef Garie’s salmon continues to be my favorite so his students really should remember how to cook it the way he instructed them to.

It is during times like this that I feel overjoyed at how our students can serve up wonderful dishes that I feel can compete with good restaurants I’ve eaten in. Kudos to all of you who have made this experience truly worth it! 🙂IMG_6412_new IMG_6413_new IMG_6414_new IMG_6415_new IMG_6416_new IMG_6417_new IMG_6418_new IMG_6419_new IMG_6420_new IMG_6421_new IMG_6422_new IMG_6423_new IMG_6424_new IMG_6425_new IMG_6427_new IMG_6428_new IMG_6429_new IMG_6431_new IMG_6434_new IMG_6435_new IMG_6436_new IMG_6437_new IMG_6438_new IMG_6439_new IMG_6440_new IMG_6441_new IMG_6442_new IMG_6444_new IMG_6445_new IMG_6447_new IMG_6452_new IMG_6455_new IMG_6456_new IMG_6467_new IMG_6470_new IMG_6472_new IMG_6474_new IMG_6475_new IMG_6481_new IMG_6482_new IMG_6483_new IMG_6484_new IMG_6486_new IMG_6493_new IMG_6498_new IMG_6500_new IMG_6501_new IMG_6502_new IMG_6503_new IMG_6513_new IMG_6514_new IMG_6515_new IMG_6516_new IMG_6517_new

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Simulation – Merci

  1. Jenel Laureta says:

    Thank you, M’ Anna, for your kind words. Glad that you enjoyed your dinner. I learned a great deal during resto week and it was truly a worthy experience.


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