Thai Cuisine Day

Here are the photos from our Thai Cuisine Day for our Superior Diploma students last month. Please excuse the color of the photos because we didn’t have a good camera that day.DSCN0003_new DSCN9782_new DSCN9783_new DSCN9786_new DSCN9787_new DSCN9789_new DSCN9790_new DSCN9791_new DSCN9792_new DSCN9794_new DSCN9797_new DSCN9799_new DSCN9803_new DSCN9805_new DSCN9806_new DSCN9808_new DSCN9810_new DSCN9811_new DSCN9812_new DSCN9813_new DSCN9814_new DSCN9817_new DSCN9818_new DSCN9821_new DSCN9822_new DSCN9823_new DSCN9824_new DSCN9825_new DSCN9827_new DSCN9828_new DSCN9829_new DSCN9830_new DSCN9831_new DSCN9833_new DSCN9834_new DSCN9836_new DSCN9837_new DSCN9841_new DSCN9843_new DSCN9846_new DSCN9848_new DSCN9851_new DSCN9853_new DSCN9854_new DSCN9855_new DSCN9856_new DSCN9857_new DSCN9858_new DSCN9859_new DSCN9861_new DSCN9862_new DSCN9863_new DSCN9864_new DSCN9865_new DSCN9866_new DSCN9868_new DSCN9870_new DSCN9874_new DSCN9875_new DSCN9876_new DSCN9877_new DSCN9879_new DSCN9881_new DSCN9882_new DSCN9884_new DSCN9885_new DSCN9886_new DSCN9887_new DSCN9888_new DSCN9889_new DSCN9891_new DSCN9892_new DSCN9893_new DSCN9896_new DSCN9897_new DSCN9898_new DSCN9900_new DSCN9903_new DSCN9904_new DSCN9905_new DSCN9906_new DSCN9907_new DSCN9908_new DSCN9909_new DSCN9912_new DSCN9913_new DSCN9914_new DSCN9916_new DSCN9917_new DSCN9918_new DSCN9919_new DSCN9920_new DSCN9921_new DSCN9925_new DSCN9926_new DSCN9927_new DSCN9929_new DSCN9930_new DSCN9932_new DSCN9933_new DSCN9934_new DSCN9935_new DSCN9939_new DSCN9943_new DSCN9945_new DSCN9947_new DSCN9951_new DSCN9953_new DSCN9955_new DSCN9959_new DSCN9960_new DSCN9961_new DSCN9962_new DSCN9963_new DSCN9964_new DSCN9965_new DSCN9971_new DSCN9974_new DSCN9975_new DSCN9978_new DSCN9979_new DSCN9981_new DSCN9984_new DSCN9986_new DSCN9987_new DSCN9988_new DSCN9989_new DSCN9990_new DSCN9991_new DSCN9992_new DSCN9993_new DSCN9994_new DSCN9995_new DSCN9996_new DSCN9997_new DSCN9999_newWE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW ENROLEES FOR OUR DIPLOMA IN FUNDAMENTAL & MODERN CULINARY ARTS/SUPERIOR DIPLOMA. WE ARE ALSO ACCEPTING STUDENTS WHO WANT TO UPGRADE FROM THEIR DPCA & GD TO  DIPLOMA IN FUNDAMENTAL & MODERN CULINARY ARTS OR SUPERIOR DIPLOMA. PLEASE CALL YHAN AT 519.7199 FOR MORE DETAILS.


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