Food Shots of Chef Garie and Chef Moy’s Dinner

Here are the food shots from the last Chefs’ Dinner in Global Academy Makati. I really look forward to these dinners because the food served says a lot about the Chefs who created them. I know that it’s a challenge for our Chefs to come out with something different from what was previously served and Chefs Garie & Moy definitely did not disappoint. Sometimes I wish that nights like this could be repeated so I could be transported back and enjoy this unique and delicious degustation once again.


BREAD SERVICE: Brioche Feuillette & Pain de Campagne, Butter, Olive Oil, Tapenade, Red Wine Salt

AMUSE BOUCHE: Cod “Brandade” Foam, Caufrette, Hickory Smoke

SALAD: Cold Poached Shrimp, Orange, Pickled Beet Fennel and Petite Greens

HOT APPETIZER: 63 degree Egg, Truffle-Madeira “Sabayon”, Potato “Maxime”

SOUP: Cream of Squash, Sea Urchin Flan, Balsamic Pearls

RICE: Arborio Risotto, Mushrooms, Gruyere Caramelized Onion Broth

FISH: Sauteed Salmon, Pea and Mint Puree, Shellfish Bisque

INTERMEZZO: Green Gazpacho of Grape, Cucumber and Apple

MEAT: USDA Choice Angus Hangar Fillet, Potato Dauphinoise, Baby Vegetables, Red Wine-Rosemary Jus

PRE-DESSERT: Malbec Cherries with Taleggio Cheese, Bread Foam, Rye Chip

DESSERT: Grapefruit and Pine Nut Brownie, Yogurt Mousse, Lemon Cremeux, Honeycomb, Lime Meringue

MIGNARDISES: Chocolate Pizza, Raspberry Financiers, Cocoa Nib Cookies

IMG_3268_new IMG_3269_new IMG_6094_new IMG_3270_new IMG_6097_new IMG_6101_new IMG_3273_new IMG_3276_new IMG_3277_new IMG_3279_new IMG_6108_new IMG_3281_new IMG_6112_new photo.jpg copy photo-2 IMG_6122_newF

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