Superior Diploma Line Cooking Simulation

Last friday, the 2nd batch of Superior Diploma students had their line cooking simulation in our Makati branch. The menu for that night was:

SNACK: Quattro Stagioni Pizza Chip with Powders of Mushroom, Tomato, Artichoke, Ham on Parmesan Phyllo Pastry

STARTERS: Deconstructed Laksa (Seared Scallops, Coconut Noodles, Fish Sambal Paper & Fish Sauce Gelee)


Deconstructed Nasi Goreng (Sous Vide Duck Breast, 64C Egg, Chili Rice Chip, Satay Sauce & Impregnated Achar)

MAINS: Reconstructed Baby Back Ribs (Ribs, Bbq Sauce, Siphon Corn Bread & Apple Fennel Slaw)


Modern Bulgogi (Boneless Angus Short Ribs, Bulgogi Hot Veil, Mustard Kimchi & Bibimbap Mushroom Risotto)

DESSERT: Tarte Tatin with Paco Jet Vanilla Ice Cream

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