Preparations for Chef Garie and Moy’s Dinner

I will be posting prep photos of Chef’s Garie & Moy’s Dinner. More often than not, we don’t get to see how hard everyone works to deliver a flawless meal for all of us during these events. The photos below will be able to give you a glimpse of how our chefs organize and get ready for these dinners. IMG_3067 IMG_3070 IMG_3071 IMG_3086 IMG_3087 IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3114 IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3132 IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3180 IMG_3457 IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3469 IMG_3470 IMG_3471

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