Successful Alumni: Muna Hamran

Muna Hamran is a graduate of Global Academy’s Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts.  She grew up with a family who loves to cook and eat a variety of different cuisines as both her parents are great cooks too.  At an early age, she began to experiment with food and started making homemade fresh yogurt and fresh cheese.  From then on,   she became hungry to learn more and started experimenting and infusing different ingredients.  She found Global Academy to be the best school to give her the opportunity and learn alongside professional chef instructors and be totally immersed in the culinary experience.

Her passion and determination paved the way for her to be a Dietician/Chef at The Venus Salon & Spa Beauty Club, a ladies-only salon and spa of modern beauty, wellbeing and holistic health, for more than 2 years.  She was also sent by her employer to a world class spa, Chiva-Som Culinary Academy in Thailand, and Burmangard hospital kitchen  to equip her with needed knowledge in running a health and beauty club. As the leader in the kitchen, she and her Egyptian and Indian line cooks and their Moroccan Sous Chef must always exhibit knowledge of healthy cooking methods and ingredients, prepare food within the nutrition guidelines prescribed by the attending physician or oversight staff, and still put art in every plate.  She is proud to represent our country by being the only Filipina Head Chef in their Beauty Club!Hamran 1_new Hamran 3_new Hamran 4_new Hamran 5_new Hamran 7_new Hamran 8_new

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