Restaurant Simulation – Sel at Poivre

I think the students had a lot of nerve racking experiences during this simulation as I witnessed a couple of students getting disoriented and lost as they were doing their prep but it’s a good thing that they were able to rise above all the chaos and give a wondeful service.

I really really enjoyed my meal for that night. The food was cooked to perfection! This has set the bar high for 2014 as this was my first restaurant simulation for this year. Congratulations to all the Chefs and students for a job well done!IMG_5820_new IMG_5822_new IMG_5823_new IMG_5824_new IMG_5825_new IMG_5826_new IMG_5828_new IMG_5829_new IMG_5836_new IMG_5839_new IMG_5858_newIMG_5838_new IMG_5840_new IMG_5841_new IMG_5842_new IMG_5843_new IMG_5844_new IMG_5845_new IMG_5846_new IMG_5848_new IMG_5851_new IMG_5853_newIMG_5856_new IMG_5860_new IMG_5862_new IMG_5863_new IMG_5864_new IMG_5865_new IMG_5866_new IMG_5867_new IMG_5871_new IMG_5874_new IMG_5875_new IMG_5876_new IMG_5878_new IMG_5879_new IMG_5880_new IMG_5881_new IMG_5882_new IMG_5883_new IMG_5884_new IMG_5885_new IMG_5886_new IMG_5888_new IMG_5889_new IMG_5890_new IMG_5891_new IMG_5892_new IMG_5893_new IMG_5894_new IMG_5895_new IMG_5896_new IMG_5899_new IMG_5901_new IMG_5904_new IMG_5907_new IMG_5908_new IMG_5909_new IMG_5911_new IMG_5912_new

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