Buffet Simulation

Last Feb. 14, 2014 we had our Buffet Simulation for the Superior Diploma in Global Academy Makati.

Buffet Menu:

Kare-Kare Salad (Dehydrated Eggplant, Pickled Banana Blossom, Calmansi Snow, Peanut-Annato Powder, Bagoong Chip)

Hot and Sour Gelee

Mock Seafood Callos (Squid Tripe, Shrimp Chorizo and Mussel Tendon)

Roast Leg of Lamb “Kaldereta” (Roasted Potato Rocks, Capsicum Leather, Green Olive Powder, Liver Jus)

Paella Negra Puff (Warm Saffron Aioli, Sauce Valenciana)

Liquid Nitrogen Vanilla Ice Cream (Marshmallow Merengue, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Almond Torte, Fresh Blue Berries, Caramel Sauce, Strawberry Coulis)

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