Superior Diploma Cocktail Event Simulation Party

Here are some photos from the Cocktail Simulation Party last Jan. 18, 2014.

Cocktails served were:

Modern California Maki

Mock Tuna Sashimi

Espuma Tortilla Espanola

Sio Pao Cloud

Har Gaw Ravioli (Not in photos)

Liquid Croquetas

Chocolate Truffles (Not in photos)

Cranberry Crush

IMG_5326_new IMG_5331_new IMG_5338_new IMG_5340_new IMG_5345_new IMG_5346_new IMG_5351_new IMG_5356_new IMG_5358_new IMG_5359_new IMG_5360_new IMG_5361_new IMG_5362_new IMG_5363_new IMG_5365_new IMG_5368_new IMG_5369_new IMG_5372_new IMG_5366_new IMG_5367_new IMG_5314_new

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