Internship Diary #11 – Lovely Concepcion


Name: Mary Lovely N. Concepcion

Course: DPCA Batch 51

Branch: Pasig

Internship Venue: Dusit Thani Manila

“I never thought that I would become a chef nor to pursue a career in the culinary world.” Mary Lovely Concepcion from Batch 51 said in her journal.

An overwhelming atmosphere was the perfect description that I can describe in my stay at the bakeshop department. It was like playing, enjoying, studying, learning, practicing and applying my skills that I’ve learned at Global Academy, also acquiring new techniques and knowledge in the same time.

Excerpts from her journal:

The first thing came to my mind when I was assigned in the butchery department was the need to improve my knife skills by improving my speed in doing tasks. Masterization of trussing, French cutting, deboning, deveining of prawns etc.

My stay in Dusit Thani Manila increased my knowledge in all aspects of the kitchen. In a very short time I can say, “proudly say” that I have grown mentally, physically and emotionally as a junior aspiring chef. It helped me to dream big and plan ahead for the future.

“I learned to easily adjust, work with others and know how to be patient, being respectful to those co-workers that I got to know from work. Following rules and regulations is necessary. Learning to accept constructive criticism from my superiors, the values and the work professionalism that my school and the institution taught me are useful in my work, for not only honing my skills but also my attitude.”

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