Internship Diary #10 – Mary Tabadero


Name: Mary Jessilyn H. Tabadero

Course: DPCA Batch 27

Branch: Makati

Internship Venue: Makati Shangri-La Hotel

You work on having a solid foundation in school and you test and add on to what you have learned by gaining real world experience during ones internship. Mary is a self confessed lover of change like her favorite chef, Chef Ferran Adria and her essay from her student internship journal contains her gratefulness for having the opportunity to gain more learning that lead her to realizing that she now has what she needs to keep up with the ever-changing world of culinary arts. In her journal she wrote, “My internship has given me the opportunity to take the skills that I have learned from Global Academy and use them to grasp concepts of cuisines from all over the world like Japanese, Asian, Indian & Western. With all the things that I have learned during my internship, I feel like I am now ready to take on the ever-changing world of culinary arts. My new-found knowledge in various international cuisines has given me the confidence to work in any type of kitchen.”

Excerpts from her journal:

“My internship in Makati Shangri-La Hotel has instilled in me 3 major values: 1. Attention to detail; 2. Customer-centered service; and 3. Passion for perfection”

“As with any profession, a good knowledge of the basics in culinary arts serves as a solid foundation through time & change. That solid foundation was provided to me by Global Academy & that very same foundation was honed by Makati Shangri-La.”

“Later in my career, I would also love to teach young aspiring chefs how to cook.”

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