Internship diary #9 – Katherine Anne P. Lim


Name: Katherine Anne P. Lim

Course: GD Batch 8

Branch: Makati

Internship Venue: Mandarin Oriental Manila

“After 600 hours being in a professional kitchen, I knew that this was what I really wanted and enjoyed at the same time. There will be days or times that it may feel tiring but at the end of the day there is a feeling of accomplishment especially when you see guests smile at you and say that they enjoyed their time eating.” —these were the exact words written on Katherine Anne P. Lim’s Student Internship Journal that best describe her realization after her 600 hours of internship at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Katherine is a Grand Diploma student from our Makati branch who firmly believes that internship is the best way to learn since it is there that you are able to apply everything you were taught in school. Aside from gaining speed in preparing different dishes, experiencing mass production, setting up desserts in the function rooms, she was also able to make bibingka & crepes in front of the guests. She ended her journal essay with this, “I would want to develop my skills further by being able to work & hopefully in the future to have my own business.”

Excerpts from her journal:

“During the first half of my internship, I was assigned in the cold kitchen. While I was in the cold kitchen, I had to have an eye for details. I was also able to develop my knife skills while preparing numerous kinds of salads for functions.”

“Maintaining cleanliness in the cold kitchen is very important since most of the food items were not cooked or does not need cooking.”

“After plating the fruits I have peeled and cut, setting it up in the function rooms were also the tasks I was able to experience while in the pastry banquet.”doc20140114185302_001 doc20140114185510_001 doc20140114185552_001 doc20140114185648_001 doc20140114185723_001 doc20140114185752_001 doc20140114185813_001 doc20140114185835_001

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