Global Academy Chefs Dinner Food Photos by Chefs Rich Tan and Kat Pascual


Amuse Bouche: U.S. Scallop, Sear Urchin, Tomato

Bread Service: Pumpkin Parker Rolls, Cornmeal and Jalapeno Bread, U.S. Walnuts, California Raisins and Rye, Flat Bread and Herbed Philadelphia Cream Cheese Butter

Soup: Textures of Pumpkin

Salad: Prawn, Apple, Avocado paired with 2011 Beringer Sauvignon Blanc

Fish: Salmon, Sugar Beets, Micro Greens

Poultry: Ballotine of U.S. Chicken Leg Quarter Foie Gras, California Raisins, Corn paired with 2011 Beringer Chardonnay

Palate Cleanser: Peach, Bourbon, Mint

Main: Braised U.S. Short Ribs in Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Raspberry Demi Glace, Potato Pave, Sauteed Mixed Baby Carrots paired with 2011 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon

Pre-Dessert: Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Lime, Berries

Dessert: Chocolate, Cookies, Peppermint

Mignnardises: PBJ, Bacon and Caramel, Strawberry and Lemon, Apple, California Raisins, Popcorn, Nuts, California Raisins
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