Internship Diary #8 – Pamela Dyan DC Tamayo


Name:  Pamela Dyan DC Tamayo

Course and Batch #:  GD, Batch 14

Branch: Alabang

Internship venue:  Bellevue Manila Hotel

One of the best things one can experience in this lifetime is to finally realize what you really love to do. For Pamela Dyan Tamayo, a Grand Diploma student of our school, this realization became more vivid when she had her internship at Bellevue Manila Hotel. “I learned not only to do great in the kitchen but also to have fun in the kitchen. I love my chosen career. I feel good about myself because I can actually do something great.”

Undeniably, she now found herself on the right track of her career and she’s definitely very happy about it. In her internship journal she confessed, “It’s really different when you love what you do. It makes working easier & keeps me happy.”

Excerpts from her journal:

Week 1

-Mixed macaroni batter, filled with pastry cream & designed cream puffs, mixed brownies batter, assembled assorted fruit tartlettes, assembled mini walnut pies, set up dessert table, assembled blueberry panna cotta

Week 3

-Finished off assorted ensaymadas (plain, ube, leche flan, chocolate), assembled assorted fruit tartlettes, baked double choco crust and cheesecake, baked leche flan, made blueberry cheesecakes

Week 9

-Assembled assorted fruit tartlettes, made 2 different kinds of cheesecakes, finished cronuts, made “Patrick Surprise” cake, finished off mini ensaymadas, made red velvet cakes, baked double choco cookies

“It’s difficult to work in a place where you don’t feel welcomed/loved. I’m happy that Bellevue chefs made me feel at home. They taught me to work happily.”

“I still want to learn more and get more experience. I can honestly say that I know someday, I will be a great pastry chef.”

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