Internship Diary #7 – Ramil G. Mendoza


Name:  Ramil G. Mendoza

Course and Batch #:  GD, Batch 5

Branch: Makati

Internship venue:  Chef Laudico Group of Company

It is but natural for our students to feel either excited or a bit scared at the start of their internship.  As for Ramil G. Mendoza, a Grand Diploma student who had his internship at Chef Laudico Group of Company, he described his exact initial thought as he started his internship in his journal as this, “I was quite insecure and apprehensive on what’s ahead because we are always reminded that school laboratory activities are different from the actual work.”

As his internship journey goes on, he started to feel fulfillment by just seeing the products he made in the freezer before they get to be delivered or served to their customers. He also became much more excited as each day passed and became very appreciative of his everyday learning. In his journal he wrote,” Excitement always triggers me to really focus on the techniques and discipline, which are handed to us freely in the commissary.”

Excerpts from his journal:


-On my first day, I was assigned to assist my head chef in baking house specialty cakes.

“My first task was to mise en place ingredients for the cream cheese mousse. The chef on duty eventually told me to make the whole recipe. With the help of my fellow interns and chef on duty, I was able to finish the recipe the way it should be.”

-I assisted other interns in preparing the base for the cakes and later in the afternoon, I helped our head pastry chef make pralines.


-Usually, Sundays are inventory day, checking stocks and products for replenishment for the different outlets.

-The first hour was spent cleaning our station and washing utensils to be used in making our products. In the afternoon was the actual production of products

– Prepared and baked “Barako Bars”, a new item we made for the catering services

-Truffles day. First, weigh the chocolates into standard weight then rolled it in a chocolate ganache then let it dry in cocoa powder.

-Glazed cheesecakes and later on, packed for delivery to outlets.

After almost 4 months of on-the-job training, he ended up realizing this, “I would like to further my studies in pastry arts and thereafter, I can decide on which path to take in terms of making this passion into a fulfilling business venture.”

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