Global Academy Chefs invade Sensei

We had our annual Chefs dinner last month in Sensei in BF. Sensei is owned and headed by Chef Bruce Ricketts. Chef Bruce is one of the youngest yet most creative and talented Chefs I have come across and his restaurant serves modern japanese fusion cuisine. His cooking is not for everyone especially if you like traditional japanese food BUT keep an open mind and you’ll be amazed at what he can do.

Here are some quotes from the Chefs that night:

“Pleasantly interesting combination of flavors.” — Chef Vic Sanchez

“Inventive and refreshing take on non traditional Japanese cuisine.”–Chef J Saycon

“Creative Japanese food.”–Chef Gerd Gendrano

“I wasn’t prepared to experience the unexpected, afterl all how else can Japanese food surprise me after all these years? However, Sensei was a welcoming surprise–flavors unapologetically combined by the young chef boldly set before experienced tastes. My favorite was the chutoro, negi, garlic, pineapple and kangkong combination”–Chef Brando Santos


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