Global Academy joins BYA as they share the love on their 3rd Anniversary

Global Academy is joining the Department of Health (DOH) in its crusade to make Filipinos live a healthier life in their Pilipinas Go4Health Campaign. Benny and I are firm believers that Health is Wealth and we both live a very active lifestyle and we want to help encourage others to be fitter and healthier versions of themselves.

Last October 26 we joined Bikram Yoga Alabang’s event to kick start our road to health and fitness. I even brought my youngest son to do yoga with me because we really expose our kids to different types of exercises and sports starting at an early age.  BYA is also one of the companies that support the Pilipinas Go4 Health Program and since we have the same goals in helping build a healthier nation, it was truly a great partnership for us.

This is only the beginning of our road to fitness. I will be posting and announcing more of our efforts to bring awareness to our employees and students by not only incorporating exercise into our routine but also in eating the proper foods and cutting out the junk from our daily life.20131026_092032_new 20131026_092050_new 20131026_093351_new 20131026_101839_new 20131026_102029_new 20131026_102641_new 20131026_102848_new 20131026_102919_new 20131026_103317_new 20131026_103337_new 20131026_103349_new 20131026_103443_new 20131026_103745_new 20131026_103749_new 20131026_103750_new 20131026_103755_new 20131026_103845_new 20131026_103900_new 20131026_103932_new 20131026_103942_new 20131026_104205_new 20131026_104225_new 20131026_104422_new 20131026_104424_new 20131026_104433_new 20131026_104611_new 20131026_104722_new 20131026_104722-1_new 20131026_104727_new 20131026_104745_new 20131026_104934_new 20131026_105132_new 20131026_105135_new 20131026_105344_new 20131026_105353_new 20131026_105355_new 20131026_105513_new 20131026_105516_new 20131026_105622_new 20131026_105627_new 20131026_105634_new 20131026_105635_new 20131026_105713_new 20131026_105830_new 20131026_105833_new 20131026_105836_new 20131026_105952_new 20131026_110326_new 20131026_110742_new 20131026_110751_new 20131026_111211_new 20131026_114610_new 20131026_114617_new 20131026_114618_new 20131026_120213_new

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