A testimonial from James Hagman regarding our Superior Diploma Course

Please describe your journey while taking the Superior Diploma course.

In the beginning of our Superior Diploma Class, it was quite intimidating since I had batchmates who already had professional kitchen experience. Another reason for our tension was being instructed by prominent Chefs. As the days went by, we got molded into being great team players and functioned as one until the end. We were thrown painstaking tasks (which was hard for me back then), we were pushed to the limits and eventually we all thrived from it.

What are the benefits you’re reaping now from taking the Superior Diploma course?
The Superior Diploma course really expanded my horizon on different cuisines in the world. Not only did it make me realize that being a Chef in a professional kitchen wasn’t the only end goal, but it also enlightened me on different paths one culinarian can take, such as food stylists, food journalist and a lot more. Being in the SD class made me work on honing my skills, manage proper time management and look forward on setting an “End-goal”. It has broadened my horizon on all the possibilities and made me focus on my target career-plan.
Why do you think it’s an edge to have a Superior Diploma nowadays?
For me knowledge is an unending hunger. The need to learn more is very important to a professional, especially to a culinarian. One must not settle on what they have acquired but must have the drive to learn more. Being in this class challenged me to work harder on my skills and hone them. Therefore, when I got to be placed on a professional kitchen, I functioned with ease and minimal supervision, making me adjust and work efficiently for the benefit of the kitchen functions.
Any message to your fellow alumni out there who are considering to take the SD course?
I firmly suggest this to any culinarian who wants to build up their career. This course not only feeds you knowledge about the culinary aspect but it also makes you foresee where you CAN be in the future. I believe with the proper motivation, mentorship and devotion to one’s passion, it can push your career to heights that you intend to reach or even greater, and in our SD class, that’s exactly what we were given. As Chef Rob Pengson said to us, “Be a sponge.” These words stuck to me always and served as a reminder for me for what we were taught, what we learned and what we plan for our future.20130819_210333 sd sd26

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