SD Open House

We had an open house for our Superior Diploma Course last October 12 in Global Academy Makati. We invited our graduates and students who would like to know more about our new course and we are grateful to everyone who attended.

Chef Brando welcomed our participants and shared some words of wisdom about the benefits of learning modern cooking to be able to keep up with the growing culinary trends. Chef Vic proceeded to build on what Chef Brando said by showing our attendees how they can manipulate different food groups and elements to have a different kind of dining experience.

I believe that his sangria and watermelon “tuna” sashimi truly gave our audience a unique experience with food. The sangria was served as a sphere that explodes with the flavor of the alcoholic beverage in your mouth. For his second demo, Chef Vic compressed watermelon slices with different japanese flavors and made this his mock tuna sashimi. To complete the dish he added wasabi sorbet done using a pacojet and soy sauce powder. It was amazing to see how deconstructed elements added such a unique twist to a classic dish. His final demo was made using sous vide techniques. He showed how you can sous vide not only beef and potatoes but also his hollandaise sauce. The end product was tender and evenly cooked meat and potatoes and attendees with very happy tummies.

ENROLLMENT IS ONGOING for Superior Diploma for our November 19 intake. Please call Irish at 519.7199 for more details.IMG_3871_new IMG_3884_new IMG_3886_new IMG_3887_new IMG_3888_new IMG_3889_new IMG_3896_new IMG_3898_new IMG_3899_new IMG_3904_new IMG_3907_new IMG_3908_new IMG_3911_new IMG_3912_new IMG_3913_new IMG_3914_new IMG_3926_new IMG_3929_new IMG_3930_new IMG_3944_new IMG_3946_new IMG_3954_new IMG_3955_new IMG_3958_new IMG_3959_new IMG_3967_new IMG_3960_new IMG_3973_new IMG_3974_new IMG_3975_new IMG_3987_new IMG_3988_new IMG_3990_new IMG_3995_new IMG_3999_new IMG_4013_new IMG_4015_new IMG_4017_new IMG_4018_new

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