October 5 Graduation Buffet Photos

Graduation Buffet Menu 
THEME: MOVIE Snacks (American)
  • Wagyu Burger Sliders, Corndogs and Crab and Lumpfish Caviar on Toast
  • Doughnuts: Apple and White Chocolate and Chocolate with Oatmeal Cookie
  • Banana Split: Eclair stuffed with Banana Cream & Strawberry Filling
  • Rootbeer Float (Chocolate Crumble with Ice Cream and Rootbeer Spheres)
  • NY Style Cheesecake Dome on shortbread crust with Caramel Popcorn
  • Mignardise Spread: Oatmeal Cookies, Ganache Stuffed Brownies, Peanut Butter and Jelly & Chocolate Macarons

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