Action shots of the restaurant simulation, Avviare

A message from our students:

“Avviare welcomes you to a delightful dining experience that marks the culmination of the culinary program of Global Academy. The participants would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to everyone who made this event possible: to our parents and loved ones for their unconditional love, our instructors; Chefs Garie Quiambao, Jun Manalo, Jeremiah Go and Moi Magallanes. A special mention to the people who helped out in this event, Chef Erika De Leon, our supportive faculty and staff of Global Academy and to you our guests for your presence and support.”

Congratulations to Chefs Garie Quiambao and Moy Magallanes and to all the students who participated for a job well done!

DSC_6926_newDSC_6901_new DSC_6908_new
DSC_6929_newDSC_6982_newDSC_6976_newDSC_6941_newDSC_6953_newDSC_6933_newDSC_6965_newDSC_6942_newDSC_6971_newDSC_6995_new DSC_7001_new DSC_7017_new DSC_7019_new DSC_7073_new DSC_7084_new DSC_7088_new DSC_7098_new DSC_7099_new

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