Action Shots of Alfred Vargas

Here are action shots of our student, Alfred Vargas, when he competed in the 4th Philippine Culinary Cup for the Australian Beef Category. He got the highest score in this category!IMG_2618_new IMG_2619_new IMG_2620_new IMG_2621_new IMG_2622_new IMG_2623_new IMG_2624_new IMG_2625_new IMG_2626_new IMG_2627_new IMG_2628_new IMG_2629_new IMG_2630_new IMG_2631_new IMG_2632_new IMG_2633_new IMG_2634_new IMG_2635_new IMG_2636_new IMG_2641_new IMG_2642_new IMG_2643_new IMG_2644_new IMG_2645_new IMG_2646_new IMG_2647_new IMG_2648_new IMG_2649_new IMG_2652_new IMG_2659_new IMG_2660_new IMG_2661_new IMG_2662_new IMG_2663_new IMG_2669_new IMG_2670_new IMG_2677_new IMG_2679_new IMG_2680_new IMG_2681_new IMG_2682_new IMG_2686_new IMG_2687_new

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