Internship Diary 6 – Michelle Arabelo


Name:  Michelle Angeli P. Arabelo

Course: GD 11

Branch: Timog

Internship Venue: Bayleaf Hotel


“Even if I had a Masteral Degree in Food Service Administration, I knew I needed to be adept on cooking and baking. I believe that we should not solely depend on the knowledge or skills of our cooks.” This is what GD Batch 11 and Entrepreneur Michelle Angeli P. Arabelo confessed in her journal. “In managing the operations of a catering company, I realized the importance of controlling food costs, without compromising the quality of food.”

Her thirst for knowledge and craving to excel at cooking and baking led her in taking the Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts and prepared her for her internship at the Bayleaf Hotel.

Excerpts from her Journal:

Lessons I gained during my 2 ½ months training:

  • Discipline: I wake up early and arrive at the kitchen at least 30 minutes before call time. I was also trained to be organized by keeping our work station clean and identifying which task to prioritize to meet the target time.
  • Humility: After years of being a manager and an entrepreneur, I learned to submit myself to the authority of the chefs and other managers of the organization and accept constructive criticism of my superiors, which is imperative to my development.
  • Working well with others: As a team player, I made sure I delivered on time every task given to me. Respecting all chefs and fellow co-workers at the hotel.
  • Food Safety

“We were exposed to 3 types of service namely, using the buffet set-up, plated set-up and Russian plate set-up.”

“The whole training stirred my inner desire to get better at cooking and baking. The experience made me become more eager to know more techniques including Molecular Gastronomy.”

“The internship is just only the beginning of my journey to pursue culinary excellence. I believe that as long I have a good attitude, continue to practice and never lose my zeal for learning and developing, I will achieve my goal.”

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