Vietnamese Chicken and Glass Noodle Salad Recipe

As promised, here is the recipe that we sampled out to the attendees of AFC Eats Asia 5 Last September 1 in Glorietta.

VIETNAMESE CHICKEN and Glass Noodle SALAD (Y: 12-15 PAX)

200 grams                                    dried rice noodles, soak in water

1.5 pieces                                    Daikon radish, cut into fine julienne

1.5 pieces                                    Carrots, cut into fine julienne

1 piece                                                      cucumber, deseeded and cut into fine julienne

3 Tbsp.                                                      salt

¾ cup                                                      white Sugar

1 cup                                                      rice vinegar

1 Kg.                                                      Chinese Cabbage, shredded

1.2 Kgs                                                       Chicken breasts

6 cloves                                                      Garlic, sliced

As needed                                    Salt and pepper

To serve                                          Vietnamese mint, coriander, Thai basil

To serve                                    Spice Roasted Peanuts, chopped

Nouc Cham Sauce (Yield:  approximately 3 cups of Dressing)

6 cloves                                    garlic, finely minced

3 pcs                                    red Thai Chilies, minced

2 cups                                    water

8 Tbsp.                                    sugar

¾ cup                                    fish sauce

4 Tbsp                                    lemon juice

3 Tbsp                                    lime juice

  1. Simmer water with sliced garlic, salt and ground black pepper. Once water comes to a slow simmer, add chicken breasts and cover well.
  2. Poach chicken breasts for about 12-15 minutes (depending on the size of the chicken fillet). Turn off heat and cool slightly before removing cooked chicken fillets. Set aside in the chiller to get cold.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the pickled vegetables. Combine rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar. Mix until sugar dissolves.
  4. In a mixing bowl, combine julienne of  carrots, radish and cucumber. Toss to mix well and then pour the sugar and vinegar mixture. (This can be done the day before).
  5. Prepare the Nouc Cham sauce: Combine the garlic, red Thai chilies, sugar, fish sauce, lemon juice and lime juice. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Set aside.
  6. Chop the chilled chicken fillets into small cubes. Keep chilled.
  7. To Serve: Make a bed of shredded cabbage then place the cooked rice vermicelli noodles (glass noodles).
  8. Arrange the pickled vegetables on top and then sprinkle the chopped chicken. Ladle Nouc Cham sauce all over the salad.
  9. Garnish with fresh herbs (Vietnamese mint, Cilantro and Thai Basil) and Spice roasted nuts.



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