AFC Eats 5 Event in Glorietta Mall

Last Sept. 1, 2013, AFC held its 5th year of AFC Eats Asia in Glorietta Mall. AFC Eats Asia is the biggest food sampling event that gathers different concessionaires and schools in one single place. This year, Global Academy decided to serve Vietnamese cuisine to the hundreds or even thousands of people who went to the event. Chef Erika and our student assistant volunteers made Vietnamese Chicken and Glass Noodle Salad. I will be posting the recipes in a separate blog post. Here are some photos from the said event: IMG_3549_new IMG_3550_new IMG_3551_new IMG_3552_new IMG_3553_new IMG_3554_new IMG_3555_new IMG_3556_new IMG_3557_new IMG_3559_new IMG_3560_new IMG_3561_newIMG_0834_new IMG_0835_new IMG_0836_new IMG_0837_new IMG_0838_new IMG_0839_new IMG_0840_new IMG_0841_new IMG_0842_new IMG_0843_new IMG_0844_new IMG_0854_new IMG_0855_new IMG_0856_new IMG_0857_new IMG_0858_new IMG_0859_new IMG_0860_new IMG_0861_new IMG_0862_new IMG_0863_new IMG_0864_new IMG_0865_new IMG_0866_new IMG_0867_new IMG_0868_new IMG_0869_new IMG_0870_new IMG_0871_new IMG_0872_new IMG_3562_new IMG_3563_new IMG_3564_new IMG_3565_new IMG_3566_new IMG_3567_new IMG_3568_new IMG_3569_new IMG_3570_new IMG_3571_new IMG_3572_new IMG_3573_new IMG_3574_new IMG_3575_new IMG_3576_new IMG_3577_new IMG_3578_new IMG_3579_new IMG_3580_new IMG_3581_new IMG_3582_new IMG_3583_new IMG_3584_new IMG_3585_new IMG_3586_new IMG_3587_new IMG_3588_new IMG_3589_new IMG_3590_new IMG_3591_new IMG_3592_new IMG_3593_new IMG_3594_new IMG_3595_new IMG_3596_new IMG_3597_new IMG_3598_new IMG_3599_new IMG_3600_new IMG_3601_new IMG_3602_new IMG_3603_new IMG_3604_new IMG_3606_new IMG_3607_new IMG_3608_new IMG_3609_new IMG_3610_new IMG_3611_new IMG_3612_new IMG_3613_new IMG_3614_new IMG_3615_new IMG_3616_new IMG_3617_new IMG_3618_new IMG_3619_new IMG_3620_new IMG_3621_new IMG_3622_new IMG_3623_new IMG_3624_new IMG_3625_new IMG_3626_new IMG_3627_new IMG_3628_new IMG_3629_new

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