Internship Diary #5: Rowena Octa


Name: Rowena Octa

Course: GD: DPCA B26: CBPA B15

Branch: Alabang

Internship Venue: The Palms Country Club Alabang

“Participating in an internship is one of the best ways to prepare oneself for a culinary career” said Rowena Octa Batch 26 DPCA and CBPA Batch 15 of Alabang after finishing her 600-hour internship at The Palms Country Club. She also implied that her internship experience has helped her a lot especially in her performance in the kitchen – “I was exposed to a whole new world of food, learned new and faster techniques and performed more efficiently & accurately. I developed discipline to execute tasks systematically and safely with minimum supervision and earlier than expected.”

Efficient and effective time management is needed in the culinary career when she implied – “The experience was extensive (broad) having been assigned to rotating schedules.”

Her decision in taking Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts has prepared her to be versatile in her internship where she experienced the different parts of the kitchen at The Palms Country Club.

Excerpts from her journal:

“In the hot kitchen, I was asked to do mise-en-place (MEP) of ingredients to be used for various ala carte menus; I also act as a runner dashing items to the line cooks when order has been called out. It was a rush which required good hearing skills and speed.”

“I was also assigned in the show cooking booth at Café Asiana, I had the opportunity to interact and serve customers personally. I learned to be keen and flexible to the guests’ preferences and needs.”

In the cold kitchen I learned the importance of sanitation in preparing unheated food.

“I also had the privilege to be one of the assistants of Chef Hans during kids cooking classes. I learned to be proactive safely; the happiness I felt was incomparable having been part of the kids’ victory.”

Having worked and learned from different people was one of her best life experiences said Ms. Octa. “It has tested my endurance since being on your feet all day is demanding but at the same time very rewarding. I worked hard not so much for the points per se but that I was proud to have worked in such a prestigious institution.”

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