Action shots for the Young Chefs Team Challenge during the 4th PCC

Our students for this years Young Chefs Team Challenge are Hans Simart and Seisma (whom we call Ams) Lumbao and their coach was Chef Jun Manalo. It was fun and exciting to watch this competition because Ams was pretty much on time and smiling the whole time while Chef Jun would shout reminders to Hans about how he needed to work faster. The good thing about this was that Chef Jun really made them practice and finish in 55 minutes so that they would always have some time allowances for things that can and usually do go wrong on competition day. Overjoyed was how everyone felt when their plates were finished and brought out for the judges to deliberate on. I asked Chef Jun, what if their dishes were undercooked? He just looked at me, smiled and said that was impossible because he made sure that he trained them well enough to be able to cook perfectly even with their eyes closed. His confidence definitely paid off because our students did deliver the highest and only gold in this category. Congratulations once again to our students and their mentor! IMG_2312_new IMG_2318_new IMG_2321_new IMG_2325_new IMG_2326_new IMG_2327_new IMG_2330_new IMG_2342_new IMG_2348_new IMG_2351_new IMG_2359_new IMG_2360_new IMG_2364_new IMG_2365_new IMG_2369_new IMG_2370_new IMG_2373_new IMG_2374_new IMG_2375_new IMG_2376_new IMG_2381_new

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