Chef Jun Manalo sent a quote from Babe Ruth to everyone employed in the school and I believe it sums up how I feel towards the 4th Philippine Culinary Cup that’s why I would like to share it with all of you. The quote was, “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

We owe a great deal of our success because we all work well as a team. Everyone has a role to play and has something to contribute. It truly feels like one big happy family in school. Thank you so much to everyone for putting in all the blood, sweat and tears. Benny and I are truly moved and proud of what everyone has put in for the school.

Thank you to all our sponsors namely Lowtemp Corporation, Global Pacific Distribution, Gourdo’s Incorporated, Splenda, Birkenstock, KLG Foodservice Inc., SMEG, Gastro Chef, Mind Mover Publishing House, Top Chef/Chef Manager/The Commisary/Tramontina, ESV International Corp, DLA Naturals and PCSO for believing in us. Your trust means a great deal to all of us.
IMG_2540_newCongratulations to Chefs Mike and Brando for winning a silver medal in The Butcher and The Chef (Chef Brando was busy prepping for his competition the next day that’s why he wasn’t in the picture)IMG_2747_newCongratulations to Chef to for winning a bronze medal in the US Pork CategoryIMG_2746_newCongratulations to Melissa Ong, who was coached by Chef Jeremiah Go, for winning a sliver medal in the US Poultry CategoryIMG_2743_newCongratulations to Chef Mike Yap for winning a bronze medal in the US Poultry CategoryIMG_2742_newCongratulations to Frances Domingo who was coached by Chef Joan Fajardo for winning a bronze medal in the Dress The Cake CategoryIMG_3054_newCongratulations to Alfredo Vargas who was coached by Chef JJ Saycon for winning a silver medal (he also received the highest score bec no gold was won) for the Australian Beef Category.IMG_3051_newCongratulations to Chef Greg Villalon for winning a silver medal in the Australian Lamb Category. Special thanks to Chef Greg for stepping in and taking in Chef Niño’s place a week before the competition because Chef Niño got german measles.IMG_3256_newCongratulations to our beloved Head of Purchasing, Chef Joi So for winning a silver medal in the Pasta Category.IMG_0345Congratulations to Chef Meg Victorino for winning a silver medal as well for the Pasta Category.
IMG_3260_newCongratulations to Chef Brando for winning another silver medal for Local Fish and Seafood Category.
IMG_3264_newCongratulations to Chefs Angela and Joan Dela Cruz with their mentor Chef Martha for winning a bronze medal in the High Tea Category. Chef Joan isn’t in the picture.
IMG_3267_newCongratulations to Chef Kat and her coach Chef Martha for winning a gold medal in the Plated Desserts Category and also for winning gold in a special award category by California Raisins. She was chosen to go to Las Vegas to represent the Philippines and compete in the California Raisin festival this October. Pretty good showing for a first time competitor wouldn’t you agree? 😉
IMG_3275_newHere is Chef Kat as she receives her second gold medal of the competition.
IMG_3276_newChef Kat showing off and being proud of her new accessories that just shout GOLD!
IMG_3287_newCongratulations to Chefs Gerd Gendrano and Brando Santos for winning the only gold medal in the Sous Vide Category. Woohoo! First gold for both our Chefs and they are beaming with happiness and pride!
IMG_3295_newChef Rich Tan takes home another gold for global in the Australian Lamb Category 🙂
IMG_3304_newWe have won another gold for Young Chefs Team Category for 4 years in a row and we were the only ones who won a gold this year! Here are our students, Hans Simart and Seisma Lumbao, with their Coach Chef Jun Manalo.
IMG_3313_newCongratulations to Team Villalon of the Dream Team Challenge for winning a silver medal in the said category. This team is comprised of Chefs Garie Quiambao, Moy Magallanes, Gerd Gendrano and Greg Villalon.
IMG_3318_newHappy Faces from our Team Yap of the Dream Team Challenge as they accept their silver awards. Team Yap consists of Chefs Martha Ebro, Jeremiah Go, Brando Santos and Mike Yap.
IMG_3324_newChef Jun Manalo, Jennylyn Arizabal and Chef Rich Tan are all smiles as they accept their Bronze award for the Filipino Cuisine Category.IMG_3341_newAfter 3 years, Chef Vic Sanchez is ecstatic that he has won the gold medal for the Filipino Cuisine Category. This was a sweet victory as they received the lone gold for this category. The other members of his team are Sebastian Sagun (who was a steward from our school for 2 years), Chef Joi So (our Head of Purchasing) and their mentor Chef Greg.
IMG_3351_newAs the saying goes, “save the best for last” as our final win was the Overall Champion! Our trophy is raised by Benny in the photo and this was an unbelievable feeling that I don’t have enough words for. I’m so proud of our team and of our school. Never stop dreaming and working towards it because one day you will get it 🙂

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