Cafe Operations – Le Rouge Food Shots

I went to our 3rd Cafe Operations last wednesday and here are some food shots. I went home with a very happy tummy. Food Coma that was worth every calorie!IMG_1951_newSpiced Moroccan Style Pea Soup Cappuccino
IMG_1953_newChorizo and Spinach Quiche, Petite Salad with Honey Balsamic Grapes, Walnuts and White Cheese
IMG_1956_newThree Little Piggies Sandwich served with Gaufrette Potatoes
IMG_1958_newCheeseburger in Brioche served with Gaufrette Potatoes
IMG_1960_newMixed Mushroom Ravioli in Mushroom Sauce
IMG_1965_newSpaghetti with Seafood Marinara SauceIMG_1962_newS’mores cake with peanut butter
IMG_1970_newStrawberry Cheesecake
IMG_1973_newMango Sansrival

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