La Premiere Foie Restaurant Simulation Action shots

We attended another restaurant simulation last thursday, La Premiere Foie. It was headed by Chef Terence and we enjoyed our meal and we loved the eagerness of the students in and out of the kitchen. Here are some action shots together with pictures of some guests for that night.
IMG_1618_new IMG_1619_new IMG_1622_new IMG_1624_new IMG_1625_new IMG_1626_new IMG_1627_new IMG_1636_new IMG_1637_new IMG_1638_new IMG_1639_new IMG_1640_new IMG_1641_new IMG_1642_new IMG_1643_new IMG_1644_new IMG_1651_new IMG_1652_new IMG_1653_new IMG_1654_new IMG_1655_new IMG_1656_new IMG_1657_new IMG_1658_new IMG_1659_new IMG_1660_new IMG_1661_new IMG_1662_new IMG_1663_new IMG_1664_new IMG_1665_new IMG_1666_new IMG_1667_new IMG_1668_new IMG_1672_new

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