4th Benefit Dinner Action Shots

Here are action shots from the Benefit Dinner of Chef Miah and Chef Angela. Thank you to all the Chefs, Students and Global Employees that helped us out for that night. To all our guests, thank you for your support. IMG_0977_new IMG_0978_new IMG_0979_new IMG_0980_new IMG_0981_new IMG_0983_new IMG_0984_new IMG_0986_new IMG_0987_new IMG_0988_new IMG_0989_new IMG_0990_new IMG_0991_new IMG_0992_new IMG_0993_new IMG_0994_new IMG_0995_new IMG_0996_new IMG_0997_new IMG_1063_newIMG_1000_new IMG_1003_new IMG_1006_new IMG_1020_new IMG_1030_new IMG_1031_new IMG_1032_new IMG_1033_new IMG_1034_new IMG_1035_new IMG_1036_new IMG_1037_new IMG_1038_new IMG_1039_new IMG_1040_new IMG_1064_new IMG_1065_new IMG_1066_new IMG_1067_new IMG_1068_new IMG_1069_new IMG_1070_new IMG_1071_new IMG_1078_new IMG_1079_new IMG_1084_new IMG_1085_new IMG_1086_new IMG_1087_new IMG_1093_new IMG_1096_new IMG_1097_new IMG_1098_new IMG_1099_new IMG_1100_new IMG_1101_new IMG_1105_new IMG_1107_new IMG_1116_new IMG_1117_new IMG_1118_new IMG_1119_new IMG_1120_new IMG_1121_new IMG_1124_new IMG_1125_new IMG_1138_new IMG_1154_new IMG_1159_new IMG_1161_new IMG_1162_new IMG_1163_new IMG_1164_new IMG_1165_new IMG_1175_new IMG_1176_new IMG_1178_new IMG_1191_new IMG_1192_new IMG_1193_new IMG_1198_new IMG_1206_new IMG_1212_new IMG_1228_new

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