Global Academy ties up with Splenda

Global Academy has recently tied up with Splenda thru their Assistant Brand Manager, Gab Solomon and our very own Chef Brando Santos has helped them come up with healthy new dishes. Look at these mouth watering photos and watch out for the recipes from Splenda.

Global Academy and Splenda both believe that delicious food doesn’t have to come with guilt so feel free to indulge in these delicious recipes for you and your family.

Photos were shot by Medal Elepaño for Splenda.

splenda recipes_medal_021email_newGrilled Blue Marlin with Teriyaki Sauce splenda recipes_medal_037email_newBeef Yakiniku splenda recipes_medal_041email_newSalmon Salpicao splenda recipes_medal_046email_newBeef Salpicao splenda recipes_medal_053email_newPork Salpicao splenda recipes_medal_063email_newLemon Chicken splenda recipes_medal_065email_newLemon Chicken splenda recipes_medal_079email_newPeking Style Roast Chicken splenda recipes_medal_083email_newBeef Tenderloin Tips splenda recipes_medal_090email_newStrawberry Smoothie splenda recipes_medal_093email_newStrawberry Smoothie

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