Finestra Restaurant in Solaire

Dining out and appreciating good food is something that Benny and I have grown accustomed to over the years especially in the industry that we’re in. Time and time again I have said that eating good food is something that I urge everyone to do because it expands not only your palate but also your knowledge as well.

For my birthday this year Benny and I decided to try out the new Italian Restaurant in Solaire. We have been hearing very good reviews about it and since I love pasta we decided to see what all the fuss is about.

When we got there, we were very impressed with the interiors and the HUGE open kitchen! The place was magnificent and their food was delicious! We learned from the staff that their Head Chef was from Napoli and that they have ingredients flown in from Italy. The authenticity of their ingredients was evident in their food. My favorite dish was the Black Truffle Pizza with Ham. I ate so many slices that I had to stop for a long time before diving into my Risotto. The mussels I ordered were humongous and I loved every bite. For the first time, I struggled with dessert not because it didn’t taste well but because my stomach just couldn’t make room for it anymore.

I recommend this restaurant and I hope that you can try it if you can. I do believe I have found my new favorite Italian Restaurant. IMG_0954_newIMG_0953_newIMG_0910_new IMG_0911_new IMG_0915_newIMG_0916_newIMG_0917_newIMG_0913_newIMG_0918_new IMG_0921_new IMG_0922_new IMG_0925_new IMG_0926_new IMG_0927_new IMG_0928_new IMG_0929_new IMG_0931_new IMG_0934_new IMG_0939_new IMG_0944_new IMG_0946_new IMG_0948_new IMG_0950_new IMG_0952_new

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