La Place Blanche – Restaurant Simulation

This restaurant simulation was last Feb so this is a super late post and my apologies for that. Like I said, I had bad internet connection before so I’ll be posting more photo entries just to catch up.

It’s no secret that Benny and I are addicted to crossfit. Apart from getting fitter, crossfit fosters community. We brought some people from our box to enjoy a good meal with us. I think that their faces convey just how delicious the food was in this restaurant simulation. Thank you to Chef Gerd and Chef Joan for our food which included seconds (*burp). IMG_6418 IMG_6419 IMG_6420 IMG_6421She was so cute I just had to take a picture of her 🙂
IMG_6422 IMG_6423 IMG_6424 IMG_6425 IMG_6426 IMG_6427 IMG_6428 IMG_6430 IMG_6431This butter was so delicious that I think our table finished 6 plates. Take note not pieces but plates. hahaha!
IMG_6433Bread Basket: Mini Baguette, Honey Whole Wheat Loaf
IMG_6434IMG_6436 IMG_6437
IMG_6438 IMG_6439 IMG_6440 IMG_6441 IMG_6442 IMG_6444 IMG_6445Croque Madame with Petite Salad and Wine Vinaigrette
IMG_6448Bouillabaisse with Fruits of the Sea, Rouille
IMG_6452Lemon and Saffron Risotto with Braised Mushrooms
IMG_6455Sautéed Salmon Fillet with Lemon, Black Olives, Capers, Parsley and Brown Butter
IMG_6465 IMG_646624 hr Beef Short Rib with Garlic Whipped Potatoes and Vegetable Mélange
IMG_6470Chocolate Sphere: Yoghurt Cream with Raspberry inserts inside a Chocolate Sphere, Fresh Raspberry, Candied Violets and Caramelized Hazelnuts, with pouring of Hot Chocolate)
IMG_6471 IMG_6478Mignardises
IMG_6456 IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6459 IMG_6462 IMG_6467 IMG_6468 IMG_6469 IMG_6476 IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6487 IMG_6488 IMG_6489

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